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  1. Tom Robertson's "Robertson Genealogy Exchange". Numerous primary documents here. Many believe this line to descend from Christopher ROB*SON, b.1610 England. Evidence continues to mount that this listing shows the relationship of several ROBERTSON patriarchs previously considered un-related, including Gen. James ROBERTSON and Col. Charles ROBERTSON of TN fame, James "Horse Shoe" ROBERTSON of SC and AL, and Mathew ROBERTSON of Washington (now Tangipahoa) Pr. LA.

  2. NICKS.KIN mailing list. A small mailing list exploring the ramifications of (known, probable, possible) descendence from Nicholas Rob*son b. c1666. Some known candidates are the descendents of James "Horse Shoe" Robertson, David Robertson (m. Jane Headen), Mathew Robertson (m. Susannah Hogan), James Robertson (m. Charlotte Reeves), Charles Robertson (m. Susannah [Nichols?]), John Robinson b. c1695 VA (m. Mary [Evans?])

  3. Another purported lineage for Gen. James and Col. Charles Robertson (from Christopher Robinson), from the Supporting documents are alluded to but not provided. A response to this lineage.

  4. Donnachaidh, My Family Roots, by Michael Robertson.

  5. A GenForum thread concerning Mathew Marks f-in-law of Nicholas Rob*son b.c1666

  6. Descendants of James Robertson (c1678-1758) KCD,SCT, by John Burness.

  7. Rootsweb listing of personal websites:

  8. Descendants of William Abner Robertson (1817-1903) SC>AL>MO by billhtsioregon

  9. Descendants of John Robertson (c1775-?) ANS,SCT by Jim Robertson. More.

  10. Descendants of James Roberson (?-1835) VA>GA>OK>MO. Believed to be Melungeon.

  11. Descendants of DAVID ROBERTSON (c1803-c1865) NC>GA,TN,TX by Elizabeth Robertson.

  12. Descendants of Alexander Robertson (c1760s-?) ABD, SCT from From Aberdeenshire to the ends of the Earth

  13. Descendants of John Robertson (1823-1905) SCT>AUS from genealogy of John and Reginald Duigan, Australian aviation pioneers.

  14. Descendants of John Robertson (c1750-?) VA>SC>GA,AL from Sarah's Home Page of Genealogy

  15. Robertson Family Of Craighead Co. Arkansas. Desc. of siblings Henry Gadd Robinson(1822-?), Mills Robertson (?-?) and Mary Jane Robertson (1829-1905). By Bill Couch.

  16. Some Canadian Robertsons by Jeanette and Marc Cole.

  17. Carolyn Henderson's webpage showing descendents of David Robertson and Jane Headen Robertson

  18. Nicholas Rob*son descended from Wm. Robertson b.1530?
    Emails ref'ing other emails and website, providing another purported ancestry for Nicholas Rob*son b. c1666 d. a1718. Just so it doesn't get lost..

  19. Sites by Laura Altevers, qatballouatCHARTER

  20. Descendents of Pleasant Robertson b. 1808 GA from website of Jim Robertson

  21. Descendents of John Robertson b. c1807 SCT are relatively recent immigrants of Canada. From Suzanne Robertson's website. Homepage plays "Flower of Scotland", Scottish national anthem.

  22. Descendents of James Robertson b. c1780 ANS, SCT from the web home of Grant E L Buttars

  23. Robertsons of Glasgow, SCT with earliest ancestor Archibald Robertson ca.1790. From Pete Mackay's Genealogy. Via

  24. Descendents of Archibald Robertson ca.1822, Fife, SCT by Pam, AAtwins94atAOL

  25. From Marjorie Jodoin's webpage:

  26. Covington Co. VA Robertsons by Angus Robinson, scottyratsignnetnitcodotNET

  27. Descendents of Thomas ROBERTSON/ROBINSON 1784-present VA>OH>IN>MN>OR>WA submitted by >Paul Robertson, PaulLDSatAOL

  28. Descendents of Donald ROBERTSON b. c1756 d. Arran Scotland on webpage of Alice Robertson.

  29. Descendants of James Robertson 1759-1838 NC>SC>AL from Alice Jones' "Horseshoe Robertson Family Page".

  30. Descendents of Nathan ROBERTSON 1752-1827 from Randy Wilson's Genealogy.

  31. Ancestors of James Mitchell Robertson SCT from Lesley Robertson's Family Home Page

  32. Descendents of Willis ROBERTSON b. 1786 NC>AL>MS>LA>AR>TX from "The Robertsons" page, Katy TX. Via

  33. Descendents of John ROBERTSON b. 1752 SCT>NC>KY from Bob & Susan Peterson's page.

  34. Some descendents of Charles Lafayette ROBERTSON b.1837 TN on Missouri/Tennessee (Maternal) Pedigree of Megan Zurawicz

  35. Rascal or Revolutionary Hero? Bob Henly's remarkable ancestor who elected to be a Robertson. You'll do better with this one if you use your browser controls to turn off the background image.

  36. Steven Knowle's ROBERTSON page with some descendents of Robert John ROBERTSON, spanning c1790-c1960, GBR>Brussels,BEL>NSW,AUS>WA,AUS

  37. Ancestor listing for Joel ROBERTSON leading to oldest ancestor David ROBERTSON 1793-1863, from Joel's webpage

  38. Descendents of Rev. Wm. ROBERTSON b. c1630 from Home Page Of Harold And Doris Robinson.
    This family later changed the spelling to ROBINSON.

  39. Descendents of Henry Columbus ROBERTSON b.1844 from Renee Straub, RstraubatCOMPUSERVE

  40. John Robertson's Genealogy & Maps
    Over 2600 ROBERTSON descendents in modified register listings. Those of James "Horse Shoe" ROBERTSON and his brother David ROBERTSON are included, as are those of Mathew ROBERTSON, believed by many to be their brother. A few descendents are included for James ROBERTSON,Jr. b.SCT 1685. This page also included numerous maps, including a special section on historical county line maps for the U.S. Relevant pages are currently inaccessible online due to international events. If of interest, Contact site owner.

  41. Fred & Shirley Sanders' "R" Family
    Found with help from This is an example of a family line that could be called "Rob*son". They used most of the spelling variants at one time or another! An interesting line possibly connected to Gen. James ROBERTSON, the father of Tennessee.

  42. McLean pages

  43. Mary Bonzal's homepage containing ROBERTSON ancestors.

  44. Descendent's of Angus Robertson b. SCT c1760 on Elspeth Wallace's page.

  45. Robertson/Robeson family listing from the The Jarvis Family & Other Relatives

  46. Descendants of William Robertson b. c1650 Scotland from The Robertson Home Page of Jim and Jo Ann Robertson.

  47. Descendents of Andrew Jackson ROBERTSON, c1828 NY. Find as #6 on Harold Ralston's ahnentafel listing. See #2 and #3 for earlier generation.

  48. Descendants of William ROBERTSON 1722-1787 Orange Co.VA>SC

  49. Bennett ROBERTSON 1814-1888 NC>GA>AL

  50. Jonathan ROBERTSON 1862-1930 ?>IL>OK>TX

  51. Daniel Jackson ROBERTSON 1815-1894 SC>AL,GA

  52. Descendents of James M. ROBERTSON b.1812. KY or ENG>East TX.

  53. Descendents of Daniel Robertson c1747-1809 SCT>NC?>IL

  54. Tannahill & Kelly From by Carmen Johnson and Betty T. Johnson: Christopher Robinson descendents including Col. Charles Robertson. Search for robinson

  55. Robertson message board post ref: Keziah Robertson, grandaughter of Col. Chas. Robertson

  56. Descendants of James Robertson (c1700-1752) NIR>VA from website of George W. Trotter, gwtrottercs

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