• The purpose of this Journal is to provide and share information on the Robinson (and related spellings). I will publish information on these families regardless of time period or locale. However, we are especially interested in documenting the descendants of Christopher Robinson, our immigrant ancestor to Virginia in 1666, who built our historic home "Hewick" circa 1678. His uncle Richard Robinson was an earlier immigrant to the Tidewater area.

  • I will publish and provide references for documentation needed by those who wish to pursue memberships in the many major lineage organizations. I invite everyone who can to share their Robinson, etc. information, and especially if you can make a correction to material that has been presented by providing the proof references. QUERY space (45 Words) free to subscribers and.$5.00 to Non-Subscribers, this Query will also be put out for you on the Internet, if requested. If you have an on line address, please send it to me for research updates on your line.

  • This is a Non-Profit family venture...there will be two issues per subscription period. The cost is $22.00 per year, in US., outside of US ($24.00 US Funds), published in January & June. In addition to the Free Querie. I publish articles of general genealogical and historical interest, maps, family photographs, family group sheets, and records such as Wills , Bible Records, Death & Cemetery records, etc. Once a year I will try to publish a list of subscribers and their addresses, in order to help you get in touch with a possible Robinson cousin.

  • Please keep me informed as to your correct address, (Returned Journals cost me $1.24 as I request their return + $1.24 to re-mail). Your subscription check can be made out to me as Editor or to Robinson Family Genealogy Journal. I will need your help in letting your family members know that they, too, can become a subscriber and learn more about their family history. Your Pedigree Charts & Family Group Sheets are essential in this endeavor.

  • When you are in Virginia, we hope that you will call us to visit "Hewick Plantation". We are now operating as a Bed & Breakfast with two guest rooms with private baths, we will be happy to send you a brochure if you are interested.

  • Back issues of almost all issues are available for $7.50 each including postage. Vol. 1, No. #1 began in Nov. 1991.I am working on putting together a booklet that will contain the all the earlier issues in one volume.

  • I have a database that I am using as a "Robinson Registry". I hope to obtain as many families in it as possible, you do not have to be a subscriber to send in your data. I will be happy to check my files with a request and LSASE. I have a ROBERTSON line myself from SCT to NB, Canada.


  • ISSN- 1077-5358, Published and Distributed by:
    Helen Nichols Battleson, Hewick
    "Hewick Plantation" - Box 82
    Middlesex County
    Urbanna, VA 23175
    (804) 758-4214 - FAX (804) 758-4080

(Nov. 1991)
ISSN 1077-5358
Issue #1
P.3 -Names Represented by at least 100 families in 1790 & Heads of
Family (Spellings of Robinson. etc.)
p.4 - Index to Third Series (1906),The Robinson Fam. Gen & Hist Assn 
p.5 - Officers of the above Association   "      "    "      "    "
p.6 - Constitution & By-Laws of the       "      "    "      "     "
p.7 - The Robinson Family by Mrs. Emily Hamer Holbrook, on Christopher
Robinson of Cleasby, ENG 1906
p.8 - Robinson of Beverley - Burke's Peerage & Robinson's of Ireland.  
p.9,  10, 11, 12, 13 - The Robinson Gen. Soc., organized at Taunton, MA
on 16 Jul 1900 - Inc. Dec 21, 1906. p.14- Some of the Robinson in Virginia, 
by Mrs. George W. (Almira Louise Hornor) Atkinson, Washington, DC..
Robinson's of Cleasby, Yorkshire, ENG & New Charles Par.,
York Co., VA., Christopher, Moncure, William, David Robinson. 
p.15-Elihu Robinson, First of the Family to cross the Genessee River and
make a   permanent home in western NY 
p.16-King William Co, VA (1955) all ref to Robinson in Index printed    
P.18-Desc Chart; Christopher Robinson to Roland Eddy Battleson          
p.19-Desc of Colonial Governors - Lineage Summary from Hon. John 
Robinson (1685-1749) Acting Governor of VA
p.20-Christopher Robinson\Agatha Obert Desc. Chart                      
p.23-Virginia Gleanings in ENG, p.22\23 ,Va. Hist. Magazine, Will of Max
(imilian) Robinson, late of Rederiffe
p.24-FGS of George Robinson, of Cleasby, Yorkshire, ENG 
p.25-FGS of John Robinson & Elizabeth Pritchard of Lancaster Co., VA
p.26-FGS of James (Jacques) Robertson & Heleine Morrison of Banff Co.,
Scotland & Bathurst, NB, Canada.  
p.30-Query's #1 thru #16 
This Issue Contains; 34 Pages in Total

INDEX to Vol. 1 -#2
(May\Jun 1992)
ISSN 1077-5358
Issue #2
P. 2 -  Virginia Governor's from Essex Co., VA.
P. 4 -  Robinson Gen. Society, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Series, 1906-1912;
Four Gen. between the Alleghenies and the Ohio by Ira Ellsworth ROBINSON,
Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.
P. 8 -  The Robinson Gen. Soc. - 6th Biennial Reunion - NJ - 1910;John
ROBINSON of Donington, ENG., believed to be the common ancestor of the
ROBINSON clan, in a John ROBINSON from the Isle of Ely, residing at
Donington, some 12 miles or more from Boston, ENG., in the year 1208.
P. 12 - FGS of Christopher ROBINSON & Frances Burwell, Henrico Co, VA  
P. 13 - FGS of Edward ROBINSON & Anne, Charles City, or Goochland, VA
P. 14/15 - FGS of John ROBINSON & Tabitha Jones, Goochland & Henrico, VA
P. 16 - FGS of Edward ROBINSON & Judith Southall of Cumberland Co, VA
P. 18 - FGS of Edward ROBINSON & Anna Meador of Va. & TN.
P. 22 - Gone to Georgia, p. 52 - #218 John ROBERTSON, 1820 census
P. 23 - FGS of G. W. Henry ROBINSON & Harriet G. Holmes, PA., AR 
P. 24 - Desc Chart of Samuel ROBINSON of Bristol, ENG and Desc Chart of
William ROBINSON b 1640 ENG., d 1700.
P. 25 - Annual Report of the Amer. Hist. Assn. (1905) Biog. Index on
P. 26 - Annual Report of the Amer. Hist. Assn. for the year 1914 on
P. 27 - Annual Report of the Amer. Hist. Assn. 1914; ROBINSON, Alex M to
P. 28 - American Ancestry, Vol. IX, 1894 - Lineage of; ROBERTSON, Norman
of Pittsburg, PA., b NYC 1860's, son of Richard Spotswood ROBERTSON b
1821 Petersburg, VA and ROBERSON, Horace of Bayonnes, NJ, son of Samuel
P. 29 - Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, P. 424 Index to Robinson's, etc
P. 30 - FGS of Wm. P. ROBINSON & Mary J. of Livingston Co., MO
P. 32 - Query's #17 thru #28
P. 34 - Query on Nancy ROBINSON b 9 Oct 1806 Harrison Co., VA m BAKER
P. 35 - Christopher ROBINSON, One of the First Trustees of the College
of W&M, his home, "Hewick on the Rappahannock."1921).
This Issue contains 37 Pages in Total

P.2- Index to Vol. 1, #1 
P.3- Index to Vol. 2, #2
P.4-  Christopher ROBINSON (OC-36) VA Roadside Marker with Hewick
Plantation Cookbook cover featuring the historic home with 17th century 
costumed interpreters.
P.5\6  Newspaper article from Parkersburg, WV on the ROBINSON Family in
the United States.
P.7 - Dr. Michael ROBINSON, of Harrison Co., KY, Obit of 5 Jul 1847
P.8- Notes on Hugh ROBESON, of PA, MD, OH, & VA (to be continued)
P.9\14 ROBINSON Family of Yorkshire, ENG ca 1520 (Aphanaphel)
P.15 - Livingston Co., KY Histories on James T. ROBINSON b 26 Oct 1799
SC; Predellium J.ROBINSON
b 4 Dec 1828 KY, s of James T.
P.16\20 The Loyalist ROBINSON's of New Brunswick, CND from
the Loyalist Gazette - Feb 1989
P.21 -  Burials in the Christopher ROBINSON Family Cemetery at Hewick in
Middlesex County, VA.,
earlist marker dated 1715.
P.22\34 Listing of 145 Subscribers to the ROBINSON Journal with data on
line, and city and state of residence.
P.35\40 Query's #29 thru #57
This Issue contains 40 Pages in total

MAY 1993-
ISSN 1077-5358
Issue #4
P. 2 - Notice of 4th Annual ROBINSON reunion at Hewick June 19, 93
P. 3\4- Additional info on Henrico Co., VA "Christopher Robinson & wife
Frances Burrell.", submitted by Richard R. Dietz, CA.
P. 5\9- Corrections to line of John & Tabitha Jones ROBINSON, submitted
by Betty ROBERTSON Riley CO.
P.10\11 FGS on Joseph Benjamin ROBINSON b 1834 Caroline Co., VA, son of
Larkin ROBINSON & Sarah M. Shackleford.
P. 12 - "Early Settlers of Sangamon Co., IL", (Powers) 1876 on Barton
ROBINSON of Yorkshire, ENG b 1819 & WM. R. ROBINSON b ca 1776 ENG., to 
VA at age 10\12, then TN., on to Barren Co., KY, etc
P.13\14 Early History of Elisha ROBINSON (ROBERTSON\ROBERSON) of the
Carolinas in early 1700's.
P. 15 - IOWA records of Pioneer's - Robinson, Robison, Robeson, and John
Barker ROBERTSON b NH 1802 to Iowa 1853, d 1889.
P. 16 - Index to Emigrants 1607-1660 ROBERTSON, ROBESON, ROBINSON,
Index to Emigrants 1700-1750 Roberton, ROBERTSON, ROBINSON,et 
P. 17 - Child Apprentices in America fr London 1617-1778 (Coldham)
P. 18 - ROBINSON Bible of Louis Laroy ROBINSON b 1904 d ca 1992 CA,
ROBINSON's buried in Somerset Co., MD - St. Paul's Church
P.19\21 HUGH ROBESON, of Maryland & PA (Cont' from Vol.2, #1 Nov 92)
P.22\24 Patriots of the SAR under ROBERTSON, ROBINSON & ROBESON
P. 25 - American Silversmith's named ROBINSON and ROBERTSON of PA, CT,
DE (1775 to 1845) Alexander W. & Hugh C. ROBERTSON Pottery est 1866 MA
P.26\32 "The ROBINSON Ladies", Vol. XXVIII, No. 1 - Spring 1990 of The
Loyalist Gazette - Canada
P.33\35 New Subscriber's - data on line, etc., Index to Vol 2, No. #1
P.36\37 ROBINSON Marriages of Middlesex Co., VA 1740-1852
P. 38 - Christopher ROBINSON Marker (OC-36) pictured
P.39\40 Query's #58 thru #69
This Issue contains 40 Pages in Total

INDEX Vol. THREE, No.1 - Nov 1993 -
ISSN 1077-5358
Issue #5
Front Cover - Robinson Coat of Arms
Inside Cover - Map of Urbanna, Va
P.1 - Editor's Page
P.2 - Index to Issue #3 - Vol.2, #1 & Index to Issue #4 - Vol.2, #2
P.3 - Hanson Robinson's Part in History (Delaware)
P.4 - The Robinson's of Bath Co., VA
P.5,6,7,8,9 - The Robinson's of Rhode Island
P.10 - Robinson Family Tree, of Isle of Ely & Yorkshire, ENG
P.11,12,13,14,15,16 - Robinson Family Data - from MO, TN, VA, MS, ENG,
P.17 - ROBINSON FAMILY HISTORY - fr Yorkshire, Eng to York Co., VA
P.18 - Biog. on Conway ROBINSON b 15 Sep 1805 Richmond, VA, d PA 1884 &
Edward Robinson b 10 Apr 1794 Southington, CT, d NYC 1863
P.19,20,21 - Two Robinson Cemeteries of Coshocton Co., OH
P.22 - VA Soldiers of 1776, Vol 1, p.242 Deborah E C Robinson Walker  &
Ahnentafel Chart to Geo. Wash. ROBINSON b 1835 Pleasant, WV
P.23,24 (P.349\350) West Virginia info on Almira Louise Hornor, DAR  
#63979\ info on "Hewick Foundation", the National Soc. of Robinson's
P.25,26 - FGS on James Robinson b 1810 TN, son of Jessie & Charlotte 
P.27,28,29 - John Robinson, Jr., 3 Feb 1705\1766 Speaker of the House\GA
Genealogies on Alexander, Samuel,
Charles J., Mary A., William L.Elizabeth, John, Arthur, James & Robert
Robinson-Wills, Probates, etc.
P.30 - Rev Soldiers 1783-1788 - The Pioneers of the Ohio Country & Iowa
query on Jane ROBERTSON (Robinson) b 1812 KY, dau of Joel?
P.31 - Data on Some Va Families, inc. Robinson
P.32 - photo of "Hewick" from Virginia Landmarks Commission (?1978)
P.33 - Old Families, P.98, John, Anthony, John, Anthony, Anthony,
Starkey, Anthony, Thomas, Samuel Robinion line, of York Co., VA
P.34,35,36 - New Sub93.Dat. Listing (Total of 29) with names & data &
Chancellors of the College (Wm. & Mary), inc John Robinson, 1714-21
P.37,38,39.40.41,42 - Query's #70 thru #101 
P.43 - Christopher Robinson OC-36 Historic Roadside Marker.
This Issue Contains 44 Pages in Total

"ROBINSON FAMILY JOURNAL"                                            
INDEX Vol. Three, No. 2                                                          
May 1994 - Issue #6 
P.1 Editor's Page (with info on Ancestral Tour to England in June 96)
P.2 ROBERTSON Family Records, VA State Archives; Bible Rec of John
ROBERTSON & Martha Poythress m 9 Dec 1739 Ch: George, John, Francis &
daus Mary, Martha & Eliz.
P.3 Misc Robinson data; Tazewell, Halifax & York Cos., VA, Little York,
PA, & Caswell Co., NC.
P.4 Ref to Book entitled "Battle of Pt. Pleasant (Poffenbarger) that inc
a biog sketch on James ROBERTSON of Brunswick Co., VA & Tennessee
P.5 NE MS Hist & Gen Soc., letter with info on family of James H.
ROBINSON of Chambers Co., AL in 1840, later of Tallapoosa Co., AL.
P.6 NE MS Hist & Gen Soc., data on Robinson, Robertson of Lee, Pontotoc,
Monroe, Tippah Cos. & Booneville Ms., & Hardin Co., TN.
P.7/8 List of Inhabitants of Colonial NY, ca 1675 to 1738 in Suffolk &
Ulster Cos., Long Island, New York City.
P.8 Index to Vol 3, No. 1, Issue #5 - Robinson Family Journal
P.9/10/11 - 1820 GA Census; Robason, Roberson, ROBERTSON, Robeson,
Robinson & Robison - Listing of all Names in all Counties
P.11 Abstract of Colonial Will of Israel ROBE(R)SON, Wrightsburough Twp.
, 10 Feb 1773/(Ibid) John ROBINSON, Savannah 12 Jul 1758/Review of "Doctor 
Robinson, His Life and Times", by Robert E. Robinson, 1993
P.12 VA Land Patent Book 32, 1754-56; George, John, & David ROBINSON,
Henry ROBERTSON and Henry ROBERSON / Misc TN Query's and data  
P.13 TN SAR 1889-1959 Listing of Roberson & ROBERTSON ancestors/Rev War
Pioneers to OH; Portage, Harrison, Mahoning, Highland, Licking, Ross Cos. 
/ Old Query on Wm. ROBERTSON of MD, VA & Scott Co., KY.
P.14 Obit on James ROBERTSON at 98 yrs., Bathurst, NB., CND in 1834
P.15/16 White Co., AR; Eliza, Green & Isaac S. (or L) ROBINSON/ Wm.A, A,
ROBINSON/Wm.A.,J.A., Norah, Coyle & Otha K. ROBERSON/Calif. Pioneer Reg. & 
Index 1542-1848 ROBERTSON, Robeson, Robinson.
P.17/18/19/20/20A/20B/20C/20D Modified Reg. List of ROBI(N)SONS who
passed thru Lancaster Co.,PA in Colonial Times 
P.21/22/23/24/25/26 Robinson Gen. Society (NY 1913) article on Elihu
ROBINSON, First of the Family to cross the Genesee R. & make a permanent 
Home in Western NY. Desc of Rev. John Robinson of Leyden.
P.26 Ency. of Amer Hist article on Edwin Arlington ROBINSON b ME 1869
P.27 The College of W&M, Earl Gregg Swen Library letter re Journal
P.28/29/30/31/32/33.  The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation letter in
regard to ROBINSON papers bought at Auction in London about Nov 1993, 
with Index of Robinson Family Papers.
P.34/35/36/37/38  Article on "Hewick" in Historic Buildings in Middlesex
Co., VA 1978
P.39/40/41/42/43 Query #102 thru #124 - 23 Query's concerning Robinson,
etc., in TN, AR, MO, VA, KY, ME, OR, SC, IL, IA, ENG, NC, IN, SCT, DE, CA, 
MS & TX.
P.44 Map showing Tidewater area of Virginia
This issue contains 48 Pages in total

Index Vol.Four, No. 1
ISSN 1077-5358
November 1994. 
Issue #7
P. Inside Cover; Layout of the Town of Urbanna, on the Rappahannock
River, showing "Hewick"
P. 1.  Editorial Page, notice of increase in subscription rate due to
postage & printing increases to $18.00. 
P. 2.  Index to Vol.3, No. 2 - Issue #6 May 1994
P. 3  Letter from England in regard to the visit in Yorkshire to Cleasby, 
Hewick Bridge, Romaldkirk, and St.Helen's Church in Bishopsgate, London 
in June 1996, dated 6 Sep 1994.
P. 4. Colonial Williamsburg Fnd. Letter in regard to a ROBINSON family
researcher in Cleasby, North Yorkshire, dated 26 July 1994.
P. 5, 6  G. A. Fothergill's description of Cleasby, In the N. Riding of
Yorkshire, ENG.
P. 7  Letter from Mr. Dagnall, Cleasby, Darlington, Co. Durham, UK dated
11 Aug 1994. 
P. 8  National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century letter in regard to
Marking of Hewick 
P. 9,10,11,12 ROBINSON Family of VA & NC (ROBERTSON) var.spellings
submitted by M. Heinek, IN
P. 13,14 Old Letter dated 1972 fr Cedar Falls, IA in regard to John
ROBINSON & Marvell East
P. 15,16 Letter & Ped Chart from Pat Hardin, Columbia, MO in regard to
Elizabeth Louise Nelson, b 1785, d/o James Nelson & Lucy ROBINSON, of 
Orange Co., VA & Monroe Co., MO
P. 17,18,19 Data from Ross D. Petty. "Our ROBERTSON Heritage", his grfa
Ross Auld ROBERTSON, s/o Francis Beverley ROBERTSON of Toronto 
& Ontario, Canada
P. 20,21,22 Data on Beverley ROBINSON of Amherst & Campbell Cos., VA who
migrated to Green Co.,KY & sett 1838 in Newton Co., MO/ Obit on James 
ROBINSON 1830-1908 b Jacksonville,Morgan Co., IL
P. 23,24 Profile on William Pata ROBINSON, b 1815 Fayette Co., KY, d
1862 Gainesville, TX / Index to "A History of Texas & Texans, by Col. Frank 
W. Johnson (1914), Inc ROBERSON, ROBERTSON, & ROBINSON. / Misc data 
on ROBINSON, ROBERTSON, & ROBISON fr Mid-West Gen Soc of Jackson
Co., TN - V. XXVI (94)
P. 25 Warning about the scam on "World Book of ROBINSON's by Lamont
ROBINSON of Bath, Ohio
P. 26 Genealogy Scams "Alive & Well" from Genealogy Sources of Antique
Week, Knightstown, IN 
P. 27 Notice in the R's Relative's", from Paul Burgess of Woodbridge, VA
in regard to the Postal Investigation of the Halbert Co., of Bath, OH.
P. 28,29 Notes and the pedigree chart of Walter Carr of Halifax, NS, CND
/ 1890 Great Register of Sacramento Co., CA for ROBERSON, ROBERTSON 
P. 30  Index to 1990 Mag of VA Gen. Soc., V.28, ROBARTSON, ROBERSON,
P. 31,32  Article from 3rd Series (1906) of the ROBINSON Gen. Society,
on Hetty (ROBINSON) Green, the daughter of Edward Mott ROBINSON, the 
richest woman in America, ca May 1906.
P. 33,34,35 (Ibid) "The Line of Samuel ROBINSON", of Rehoboth, MA, the
son of George the Scotchman, who settled in Rehoboth, Mass about the year 1640.
P. 36 ROBINSON's in Virginia in 1600's, the list fr Cavaliers & Pioneers
, Vol. 1 (Nugent) 1934  /           
Index to Wills in McNairy Co., TN of ROBINSON from Feb 1872 to Oct 1936.
P. 37,38,39,40,41,42 New Subscribers to the ROBINSON Journal from Oct 93
to Oct 94                            
Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA 1653-1812 \ Partial
Census of TN 1787-1791
P. 43  Querys (3) of Doris Dell, West Hills, CA
P. 44,45,46,47,48 Query #125 thru #149                                  
P.48 RW Pension application in Tazewell Co., VA of James ROBERTSON of PA
/Caswell Co., NC Will of Thomas ROBINSON in Jun 1782, mentions John ROBINSON, Exc
& Penina ROBINSON / Halifax Co., VA Will BK #2, Will of Christopher 
ROBERTSON, dated 3 Jan 1789.
This Issue contains 48 Pages in Total.

Index Vol. 4, No. 2
ISSN #1077-5358
Apr/May 1995
Issue #8
P. 1 Editorial Page to Subscribers 
P. 2 Letter from Ancestral Tours to Great Britian, Ltd., in regard to
Robinson Family Tour June 12-22 1996
P. 3 Hewick Plantation plaque info to be placed on 6 May 95 by NS
Colonial Dames XVII Century
P. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10  Index to Virgil D. White's Gen. Abstracts of RW files
P. 11,12  Roster of Soldiers & Patriots of the RW buried in IN (1938)
P. 13,14  Sketch on Joseph ROBINSON b c1742 VA., res. of SC, d 1807 P.E.
I., Canada by D. Robichaud
P. 15,-19 ROBINSON Info in SC, GA, NC submitted by Dorothy F. Murphy,
Columbus, GA - 6/25/92 
P. 19  Data on Polly ROBINSON b c1787 Culpeper, VA md Nicholas Yager 
(Yeager) in TN c1807
P. 20  ROBINSON's of  TN., VA , Gallia, OH, Lancaster Co., PA & Augusta
Co., VA: :The House of ROBINSONS of Rhode Island, Their Genealogy &
Letters, and the History of the Robinson & Son Oil Co. 
P. 21,22  Pedigree Chart of Lot Owing ROBINSON of Harrison, West Va by
Alice E. Webb, Orem, UT
P. 23,24  FGS of Charles ROBERTSON b 1740 Brunswick Co., VA & Susannah
Nichols  & 6 ch.
P. 25,26 Fam Rec of Benjamin & Catherine ROBINSON Fam of Greensville Co.
, VA - Victor Crawford, Jr.
P. 27  Index to Robinson Family Journal #7 - November 1994 (48 pps.)
P. 28, 29, 30, 31,32 Genealogy of the Rowland ROBINSON Family by Thomas
R. Hazard, c1870 RI
P. 33  FGS of James T. ROBINSON & Patsy Spell & 8 ch of Livingston Co.,
KY by James C. Sivells, VA
P. 34,35,36 The Daily Clarion, Jackson, MS Tribute to Dr. S. W. ROBINSON
, (Sylvanus Wheeler ROBINSON b1837 SC - d 1908 Fannin, MS) - submitted
by James L. ROBINSON of Redmond, WA.
 P. 37 Letter written by Dr. Emmett ROBINSON to his wife, Dec 1838 on
window pane at Bacon's Castle  in Surry Co., VA.
P. 38,39,40,41 Introduction to Clan Gunn Society
P. 42 The Gunn Salute, Archive Holdings of ROB_:
P. 43 Sketch: Sterling Berle ROBINSON b1823 TN - d  c1865 prob AR, liv
Cass Co., TX, wife & 7 ch.
P. 44,45 Recent Subscribers #255 thru #274 with data on line they are
P. 45  Index to Abstracts of Colonial Wills of GA, & early Alabama
P. 46,47,48 Queries #150 thru #170.
Total Pages= 48

Index Vol. 5, No.1
ISSN #1077-5358
Oct/Nov 1995
Issue #9
P. 1 Editorial Page
P. 2 Richmond Standard, newspaper dated Sat. March 26, 1881:Starkey
ROBINSON md Ann Armistead
P. 3 AHNENTAFEL Chart of Frances TERRELL b 1843 Essex Co., VA to
ROBINSON, George of Cleasby, Yorkshire, ENG  b 1581/85.
P. 4 Will of Jonas ROBERTSON of Chesterfield Co., VA - 16 Sep 1813
P. 5,6,7 & 8 - FGS of Wm. "Billy" ROBINSON & Charity KENNEDY of NC, SC,
P. 9 Ped Chart of Shelba J. ROBINSON b 1938 Casa, AR to Elisha Jolly
ROBINSON & Delilah Hubbard 
P. 10 Descendency Chart of Helen Robison Foster, GA on John
ROBERSON/ROBINSON, Sr. 1750-1802 spouse Marah 
P. 11, 12 Ped Chart: Edythe Claire ROBSON b 1898 Culpeper Co., VA to
John R. ROBSON b 1811 VA & to Peter Wagener, Jr. & Katherine "Katy" 
ROBINSON b 22 Feb 1715 VA, etc.
P. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 -  Middlesex Co., VA 1740-1852 VA Gen Soc. (1965)
Special Pub. #3 - Marriages
P. 18 Middlesex Co., VA Taxpayers, Sheriff's Book 1820-21
P. 19 Will of John ROBERSON, Laurens Co., Vol. 1, Will Bk A, p. 164/165
- PR 19 Nov 1803
P. 20 Letter from Mary Ellen Parker Daniels, Sub. #249 and her
Ahnentafel Chart from Elizabeth ROBISON
b Rowan Co., NC d abt 1840/44 Rutherford Co., TN & Desc fr Chr.Robinson
& Beverley's.                                                           
P. 21 Enoch S. ROBERTSON, sp Sidney A. Green to Mabel Elizabeth ROBINSON
thru Jachen Nelson ROBINSON who md Mary Elizabeth Runaldue - Sub. #014
P. 22 Desc Chart of Mary Ellen Parker Daniels thru John ROBINSON b bef
1520 md Savage
P. 23, 24  Two ROBERTSON Families of Warren Co., NC - Agnes B. Pearlman,
P. 25  - 1870 Census for Sacramento Co., CA; ROBBIN to ROBISON
P. 26  - 1880 Census for Sacramento Co., CA, ROBBINS to ROBINSON
P. 27, 28 - Land Records of Charles ROBERTSON of Washington Co., TN
P. 29  ROBINSON info from the book "Records of Eastern Carteret Co., NC"
, by Simpson & Sanders 1983
P. 30 List in Catalogue #543 (1967) Goodspeeds, Boston, MA on ROBBINS,
P. 31 Lineage of ROBERTSONS, ROBINSONS, ROBERSONS, compiled by Virginia
P. 32 General James ROBERTSON, Founder of Nashville, TN, line from TN
Cousins by Worth S. Ray.
Virginia H.
ROBERTSON, as of 1 April 1995.
P. 36 Newspaper Obits on ROBERTSON to ROBINSON
P. 37 James ROBINSON, Jr. & wife Lavinia A. Hopkins, book at Fam Hist
Lib, SLC
P. 38 Lineage of the John Shelly ROBINSON Family, who came to CA by Ox-
Team in 1859/ Eng to VA
P. 39 Desc Chart from Christopher ROBINSON b 1645 to Christopher
P. 40 Desc Chart from William ROBINSON b 1749 to Frances ROBINSON b 1714
P. 41, 42  New Subscribers #275 to #295 with names, cites & states, and
P. 43 ROBINSON Family Journal - Index to Issue #8 - Apr.May 1995
P. 44, 45, 46 Queries #171 to #192 
P. 46  Itinerary of ROBINSON Family trip to ENGLAND - June 12-22, 1996
P. 47 Fax Copy of Urbanna Coverlet commissioned by Hewick Plantation for
Chr. ROBINSON 1645-1995.
P. 48 Guide to Places on "Urbanna Coverlet" and Order Form - $55.00
postpaid from Hewick Plantation.

Vol. 5, No. 2 
ISSN #1077-5358
May 1996
Issue #10
P. 1 Editorial Page
P. 2 Index to Issue #9
P. 3 Letter from Arthur E. ROBINSON, Greeley, CO - 1 May 1996, RE:
ROBINSON ancestors in VA
P. 4 John W. Konvalinka, NJ: W&M Q, Series V.21 (1941), p. 408
Sanders/ROBINSON data
P. 5 Michael H. Stafford, CompuServe: John ROBISON/Jamike Decker, NY
P. 6 Dot Price, AOL (PeppyJ); Sidney & Eliza ROBINSON of Caldwell Co.,
NC lineage and info
P. 7 Desc of David ROBINSON, Sr., b abt 1750, d 1829 of Litchfield, ME
P. 8 Dan ROBINSON, Devon, UK: Rear Admiral Mark ROBINSON 1720/2-1799
family data
P. 9 Gary R. ROBINSON, Wash., DC: Abraham ROBINSON, b c1820 Delaware Co.
, NY info
P. 10 Emily Aulicino, Internet; Geo. Wash. ROBERTSON b 7 Sep 1846/7 pos
Greene Co., KY data
P. 11 Miriam Nash Baker, Leesburg, VA; Christopher ROBINSON & Jane
Aylett, FGS & data
P. 12 Miriam Nash Baker, Ibid; Major John ROBINSON & Mary Churchill -
FGS & data
P. 13 James T. Wall, AOL; desc of Joseph ROBISON/ROBINSON & Christina
"Teeny" Brougher, IN
P. 14 Richard G. Holding, Kansas City, MO: Desc chart of John Robinson,
son George Rogers b 1770
P. 15 Jim Willhite, Internet; FGS of Thomas ROBERTSON, Jr. B c1730 NC,
md Penina Yancy (?)
P. 16 Ibid; of Caswell Co., NC / desc of Alfred Bowne ROBINSON 1877-1932
& Birdie Pearl Taylor
P. 17 Jean C. Quackenbush, Port Hadlock, WA; FGS on Aaron ROBINSON b
1744, d 1822 Brooke, WV
P. 18 Desc Chart of Rev. Samuel Baker b 1638 md Fear ROBINSON
P. 19 Letter dtd 19 July 1912 fr The Robinson Gen Socirty to Hon Ira E.
ROBINSON, Charleston, WV
P. 20 Pedigree Chart of Judge Ira Ellsworth ROBINSON b 1869 d Oct 1951
Grafton, WV
P. 21 Harald Huckins, Prodigy; Info on William ROBINSON of Bath, ME, fa
of Briant/Bryant ROBINSON
P. 22 Ahnentafel Chart of Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson, s/o Rebecca
ROBINSON & Lindsey Carson
P. 23 Joseph Payne, Knoxville, TN: Info on Absalom ROBINSON, s/o of
Absalom b 22 Sep 1802 VA
P. 24 (Ibid) data on Eliz., John E., Sarah Ann, Nelson, Sterling, Reuben
R., Henry & James K. ROBINSON
P. 25 (Ibid) of Claiborne Co., TN/ Nelson ROBINSON b 22 Jul 1832 m Eliza
Martha Henderson 2/24/1853
P. 26 Heather Hart, Internet; Desc of John ROBINSON b abt 1820 d by 1860
md Nancy b 27 Apr 1822     
P. 27 (Ibid) d 11 Jun 1902, in 1840c, 1850c, 1870c of Hawkins Co., TN, &
1910c Crittenden Co., KY
P. 28 FGS of Col. Charles Black Charles ROBERTSON b c1715 NC, md
Susannah Mary Cunningham 
P. 29 Desc Chart of Marmaduke ROBINSON b in Cumbelane, Cenliste, ENG, d
Quebec, CND m Nancy
P. 30 Ancestor Chart of Aurelia ROBINSON b 11 Apr 1795 Hebron, NY, d/o
Nathan ROBINSON & Sarah
P. 31 Desc Chrt of unknown ROBISON & Nancy b abt 1811, ch: Zeb, John,
Nancy, Melissa, James
P. 32 Ltr of J.A. L. Miller, Jr., NC; in regard to Christopher ROBINSON
of Exeter, NH in 1730's
P. 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38:  Addresses of Robinson Journal Subscribers
#296 thru #338
P. 39 Frank P. ROBERTSON, Boise, ID; Archelaus Jonathan ROBERTSON
b abt 1782 near Albemarle Co.,VA/ Retha E. Carter, CompuServe: Sookey 
ROBINSON who md James Townsend 1815 Estill Co., KY \ Info on Mitchell 
ROBERTSON from "A Hist of Shenandoah Co., War of 1812, p. 253
P. 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 - Query's #193 thru  #260
Total Pages; 50 inc front & back covers (with History of "Hewick
Plantation" and data on B&B and tours)

Index Vol. 6, No.1
ISSN #1077-5358
January 1997
Issue #11
P. 1  Letter from Editor with subscription info, ROBINSON Family Book
for sale, etc.
P. 2  Index page to Issue #10 - May 1996
P. 3  Will of Christopher ROBERTSON, Middlesex Co., VA - 26 Apr 1796
P. 4, 5, 6  Will of James ROBERTSON, Chesterfield Co., VA - 10 Nov 1757
P. 7  Pedigree Chart:  Della, Thomas, James, James ROBINSON - W. VA & OH
P. 8  ROBINSON Deeds from Fincastle, Russell, Lee, Washington, Va, KY &
P. 9  Ancestor Chart: ROBERTS, Verna Mae b 1886, Joseph Walker b 1859,
P. 10 Pedigree Chart: Percy Orville ROBINSON b 1893 Yell, AR, s/o Aaron
P. 11 Pedigree Chart: Aaron Samuel, Lemuel C., William ROBINSON -
Carroll Co., TN
P. 12 Pedigree Chart: to Jacob H. ROBINSON b 27 Nov 1845 AR, fa b MO
P. 13  FGS: James ROBERTSON, Sr. b 1700 Spots Co., VA m Rebeckah ROYSTON
P. 14  Pedigree Chart: Sampson ROBERTSON b 1809 SC, s/o Russell, gs/o
P. 15  FGS: James Madison ROBINSON b 14 Nov 1816, d 1892 AR, m M. J.
P. 16,17 FGS: Cont' with 11 children of James Madison Robinson & Matilda
Jane Swaim
P. 18  Biog. on Joseph Taylor ROBINSON, Arkansas / 84, Governor &
Senator fr AR
P. 19  J. M. ROBINSON, Lonoke Co., AR s/o Cumberland & Elizabeth M.
P. 20  Hugh ROBERTSON line of Gaspe, Province of Quebec, Canada
P. 21  James (Jacques) ROBINSON b ca 1776 Terrebonne Co., Province of
P. 22  Thomas ROBINSON 1676-1740 SCT / IRL to Dauphin/Lancaster Cos., PA
P. 23  James ROBERTSON, who came to Lawrence Co., AR bet 1810-1817 m
P. 24  Isaiah ROBINSON b 1729 Rehobeth, MA, said to be desc of Rev. John
P. 25  ROBINSON marriage records of Madison & Shelby Cos., AL ca 1815 /
P. 26, 27  ROBINSON marriage records of Washington & Russell Cos., VA
1791 / 1893
P. 28  ROBINSON marriage records of  Princess Anne & Accomack Cos., VA
from 1796
P. 29, 30. 31, 32, 33  US Geological Survey featuring ROBINSON names on
P. 37  1860 Cen List: ROBERTSON - Washington, Dist of Columbia    
P. 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43  Queries #261 thru #299
P. 44  Thomas ROBERSON b Nov 1804 SC, d 1889 TX, liv in TN bef 1819
P. 45  Thomas ROBINSON, who brought 6 sons to Dauphin Co., PA in 1726 fr
P. 46  The Genealogist's Psalm
P. 47, 48  Urbanna, Middlesex Co., VA coverlet from "We Love Country"
Order Form
Total pages 50, inc front & back covers in golden rod card stock   
(including map of the Urbanna, VA area and Hewick Plantation data on B&B

1997 Helen Nichols Battleson, Hewick