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ROBERTSON LINEAGE - SCOTLAND - Parts 1 through 4, combined
Reference Source: Robertson Family Records
                  by J. Montgomery Seaver
                  Published 1928 by American Historical-
                    Genealogical Society, Philadephia, PA 


lOl MALCOLM II (Cannors): Born A.D. l006; died 1034. His son was:
102 KING DUNCAN I, of Scotland: He was the "Gracious Duncan" who
    was slain by McBeth ("1034"), in Shakespeare's story, "MacBeth."
    Duncan married Sybilla, daughter of Siward, Earl of Northumberland.
    His son was
103 BETHOC: Slain, 1045; "married Crinan; Abbot of Dunkeld, Athlam of
    Dulla Senechalof Isles.
104 MALCOLM IV: He ascended the throne 1058; killed 1093. He married
    (1), 1064, Ingebiorge, daughter of J. Anison of Thorfin; mar. (2)
    1070, Margaret, daughter of Edgar Atheling, granddaughter of Edmund
    Ironsides, seventh from ALFRED THE GREAT.
    His children were
    (1)  Malcolm (105, below).              (4)  Edgar.
    (2)  David I (136, following pages).    (5)  Duncan II.
    (3)  Summerleid (148, following pages).
105 MALCOLM     :  He and his half brother Edward signed a charter, 1094, by
    his brother Duncan.  (Unless otherwise shown, the consecutive numbers
    represent generations, from father to son, etc.)
106 MALCOLM: 2nd Earl of Atholl; signed a charter between 1165 an 1180;
    mar. his second cousin, Hextilde, grand-daughter of Donald Bens, and
    widow of Rich Comyn.
107 HENRY: 3rd Earl of Atholl; mar. Countess Margaret (Royal Line). He
    had with other issue, Constantine, who predeceased him, leaving him
    two daus.  He d. 1222.
108 CONNAN (or COMINGOS), "2nd son of the foregoing." granted charter to
    Abbey of Cunfar, 1216.
109 EWAN FITZ CONAN: of Glenochy; mar. dau. of Duncan, son of Convact,
    Lord of Lullibardyn, in Stratherne.
110 ANGUS: Obtained charter of several lands in Perthshire. The earlist
    seat of the Clan was at Strowan (also spelled STRUAN), meaning Stream
    on the shores of Loch RANNOCH, in the midst of the Grampian Mountains,
    and lands adjacent thereto, in County Perth, Scotland.

                "Behold the kinloch Rannoch lounging place,
                That bridge of Robertsonian sighs of old,
                Whose forfieted estate supplied the gold
                That built it 'mid the groanings of that race."
                                    Rev. John Sinclair.

        Members of the Clan also resided at Dun Alastair (Mount Alexander),
        and at Dall. The burial place of many Clan chieftains is still well
        preserved at Don Alastair House on the North Bank of the Tummel,
        four miles East of Kinloch-Rannoch.  The Stewarts held lands 
        adjoining the lands of the Robertsons and several marriages between
        the two families resultes, as shown in this pedigree.
     (i.e. "Duncan the fat); born about 1275. He inherited from his
     father a portion of the estates of the ancient Earls of Atholl,
     and was the FIRST LORD OF STRUAN (STROWAN, hereinafter spelled
     thus). From him the Clan takes its name )Clan Donnachaidh" 
     (Clandonachy, etc.), i.e. sons of Duncan. He was born 1275 and
     d. 1355.  Marries (1) dau. of Malcolm, 5th Earl of Lenox; mar.
     (2) dau. of Ewen de Ensalis (or Agnus Meer). In the struggle with
     Comyn for the crown of Scotland, he espoused the side of Robert
     Bruce, and became his strong supporter. Donnachaidh was present at
     the Battle of Bannockburn at the head of his Clansmen, under Bruce,
     from which he received much recognition as well as large grants of
     land. See Chapter (C). Some of the Robertsons of Lund - See 115 (3),
     below--, Thomas and Gibbon. No. 113, below, was his son.
     (1) dau. of John de Striviling, of Grenesk, Jean; mar. (2) co-heiress
     of Findall in Stermont, through whom he obtained the lands so called.
114  DUNCAN (Crosda) DE ATHOLIA, THIRD LORD OF STROWAN: Mentioned in the
     Retrier Scotiae, 1432, as Dunc de Atholia, Dominue de Ronagh. He 
     granted Charter to Dean of Dunkeld, 1438, in which he is styled 
     Dominus de Strowan. He was a hostage in England for James I. He is
     said to have married a Miss Graham.
115  ROBERT (ROCH) DE ATHOLIA: d. 1460. Married Lady Margaret Stewart.
     He was one of the most noted Chiefs of his day. Upon the execrable
     murder of King James I, when the nation was like to be involved in
     Civil War, Robert was the main instrument in crushing the designs
     of the parrisides in the bud, by attacking them with such vigor and
     expedition (with his Clan). He was, indeed the only man of power in
     the locality of Walter, Earl of Athole, by whom the regicides 
     naturally turned for shelter. But Robert not only apprehended the   
     Earl himself ("with great courage and intrepidity"), but also Robert
     Graham, another of the chief actors in that most horrid tradegy. As
     soon as King James II came to age he offered to reward Robert suitably
     for the great service he had done, but all he desired or accepted was
     to have all the lands he was already possessed of confirmed to him
     and his heirs.  Accordingly he got a charter under the great seal,
     erecting all his land into the barony of Strowan (free barony), "as
     fully and freely as the same had been possessed and enjoyed by his
     predecessors." This curious charter was confirmed by James II, Aug.
     15, 1451.
     (1)  Alexander (116)
     (2)  Robert: Of Dalcaban, progenitor ofm the Early of Portmoor.
     (3)  Patrick: "Who had a charter of some lands and houses from 
          the friars of Perth, wherein he was designated "Frater
          Germanus, Alexandri Robertson de Strowan," etc. He d. at the
          end of the reign of James II and was succeeded by his son,"
          The compiler understands this is the Patrick who "went to
          the low-lands and became the head of Robertsons of Lude."
          He "catered to the English and, as a result, was head of the
          British Exchequer." He inherited some lands from his father.
          Compare with the Robert Patrick in paragraph 112.
116 ALEXANDER, "SON OF ROBERT": He adopted the name "ROBERTSON" (son
    of Robert), which name has been enjoyed by this family ever since.
    He mar. (1) Elizabeth Stewart, dau. of John, Earl of Atholl, Uterine
    brother of James II; mar. (2) Elizabeth Lyon (No. 147 of this pedegree;
    d. 1506 or 1507.
    (1) DUNCAN: d. before his father, without issue.
    (2) ROBERT: See Entry 117.
    (3) ANDREW: Progentitor of the Robertsons of Elllechangy, Ladykirk, etc.
    (4) JAMES: Ancestor of the Robertsons of Calvine, etc.
    (5) ALEXANDER: Progenitor of the Robertsons of Fascalrie, etc.
    (6) JOHN: First Laird of Muirton, Elgin; married Lady Isabel Stewart
        (a descendant of EDWARD I, of England, and JAMES I, of Scotland).
        (A) Gilbert, of Muirton; mar. Janet, dau. of John Reid, of
            (a)  DAVID; mar. Innes.
                 1.  William; married Isabel Petrie.
                     A. William, of Gladney; mar. Mitchell.
                        a. Rev. William; of Edinburgh: mar. Pitcairn of
                           I  William: Royal Historiographer.
                           II Jean: mar. Alexander Henry, of Aberdeen.
                              i. Col. John Henry: Removed to Virginia,
                                 1739 and was seated at "Studley" and
                                 the "Retreat," Hanover Co.; mar. Sarah.
                                 Their son was Patrick Henry, American
                                 patriot and first Governor of VA. Patrick
                                 Henry mar. (2)Dorothea Dandridge (of Royal
                                 descent), and had Martha, Ann, Elizabeth,
                                 John, and William.
117  ROBERT: mar. Isabell Stewart (Compare with his brother John), dau.
     of John, Earl of Athol; predeceased his father.
118  WILLIAM: Lord heir to his grandfather, 1508; killed in a feud with
     the Earl of Athol, 1530-32.
119  ROBERT (OF STROWAN): same implied with preceeding names): mar. 
     Mariata, dau. and heiress of John McIan, of Seanamvichan, descendant
     of John de Insules, son of Agnus (Mor), etc.
120  DONALD, OF STROWAN: mar. (1) Janet, dau. of Stewart, of Foss; mar.
     (2) Beatrix Farquharson.
121  ROBERT: OF STROWAN: Tenth Baron: d. before 1630: got a charter under
     the great seal, dated Jan. 14, 1630; mar. Agnus MacRonald (MacDonald:
     See No. 160 of this pedigree). Alienated and sold a considerable part 
     of his estate.
     (1) Alexander (122).
     (2) Donald: "Tutor of Strowan."
     (3) Duncan (125).
     (4) James; mar. Margaret Robertson.
122  ALEXANDER OF STROWAN, 11th Baron: mar. Margaret, dau. of Graham of
     Inchbrakie; got a charter under the great seal, dated Feb. 6, 1630.
123  ALEXANDER OF STROWAN, 12th Baron: was an infant when his father died;
     was a minor at the time of the wars of Montrose, and the Clan was
     lead by his uncle Donald, who acquitted himself with fidelity and
     honor.  When Alexander became of age he enbraced the first opportunity
     of showing that he was not inferior to any of his brave ancestors, in
     loyalty and courage. He joined the insurrection of Earl of Glencain,
     1653-4. "Served heir to all his predecessors," Feb. 22, 1681. Mar:
     (Katherine, dau. of Sir James Drummond, progenitor of Viscount 
     Strathallan; mar. (2) Mariatta.
     (1)  Robert.         (3) Alexander, (124).
     (2)  Anne.           (4) Duncan: d. 1781.
124  ALEXANDER OF STROWAN, 13th BARON.: b. 1670; d. 1759; became heir to
     his father, 1688. Took service for the King under Viscount Dundee.
     He participated in the insurrection of 1689, 1715, and 1745, and is 
     said to have been the only Clan Chieftain who participated in all 
     these events in Scottish History. He twice sought refuge in France,
     had considerable service in the French Army, and was alluded to as
     Col. Alexander Robertson of the Scotch Brigade. He was the author of
     a volume of poems and was the last of the direct male line of
     Donnachaidh Remhair. He never married and died at an advanced age at
     his house at Carie on the south side of Struan, one of the earlier
     seats of the Chieftains, some 16 miles north of Loch Rannock. The
     representation devolved upon his kinsman, No. 134. He has been 
     referred to as the "celebrated Jacobite Chief." Her Majesty Queen
     Anne was pleased to grant him remission and to restore his estates,
125  DUNCAN (MOR: son of 121), OF DRUMACHUNE: So called from his great
     stature and strength. With his brother Donald, he accompanied Montrose
     throughout his careet; mar. Dorothy, dau. of Neil Stewart, of Joss;
     d. 1688.
     (1) Donald (126).      (3) Duncan.
     (2) John (132).        (4) James.
126  DONALD: mar. dau. of Robertson of Anchluks; d. subsequent to 1713.
127  ROBERT (Baun, or Bane) OF INVENACK.: mar. dau. of Neil Stewart,
     a cadet of Jose.
     (1) Anulia.            (2) Donald; Captain in the French service.
     (3) Duncan (127b)      (4) Alexander: killed at Cullenden.
     (5) Charles: d. from wounds received at Cullenden.
127b DUNCAN (MOR): Carried on the Line of the Family; d. 1751.
128  ALEXANDER ROBERTSON OF STROWAN: succeeded Col. Alexander Robertson
     (No. 135) as male heir, 1822; d. 1830; "infeft by crown charter into
     the Barony of Strowan, June 23, 1824." mar. (1) Mary Best, of Mansfield,
     Co. York; mar. (2) Jean Stewart).
     (1) George (129).
     (2) Francis: Lost at Sea.
     (3) Alexander Gilbert OF STROWAN (STRUAN ROBERTSON): b. Mar. 6, 1805;
         mar. Jan. 1863, Charlotte Hoffman; d. Oct. 6, 1884.
         (A) Alasdan Stewart: LATE OF STROWAN; d. May 20, 1910.
         (B) Duncan: b. Sept. 11, 1867; d. 1869.
         (C) Jean Rosme: Born Sept. 7, 1865; succeeded her brother, 1910;
             residence, Barracks, Rannoch, N. Brunswich.
     (4) ROBERT JOHN: d. Jamaica.
129  GEORGE DUNCAN OF STRWAN: Major General; C.B., K.L.; b. April 29, 1866;
     mar. May 31, 1799, Anne Cuthwaite, of Co. York; d. July 1, 1842; spent
     30 years in active service.  Succeeded by his 
     uncle, No. 128-(3). I
130  GEORGE DUNCAN OF STROWAN: (Styled Struan Robertson): J.P.; b. July 26,
     1816; mar. Apr. 3, 1839, Succeeded by his uncle, No. 128-(3).
     Ignore missing "131."
132  JOHN OF DRUMACHINE (son of 125): mar. 1677, Cecelia, dau. of Robert
133  ALEXANDER OF DRUMACHINE: Joined Earl of Mar, 1715; mar. dau. of
     Patrick Robertson of Blairfetty (Fascalzie), 1703
     (1) Duncan of Strowan (134)      (2) Lt. Col. Alexander.
     (3) Emilia: mar. Capt. Donald Robertson (No. 127-(2).
134  DUNCAN OF STROWAN: Succeeded Alexander-124; 1749.  Not having been
     included by name in the last Act of Indemity, he was dispossed and
     the estate annexed to the crown, 1752, but later restored to the
     family; mar. May, dau. of Lord Wm. Murray, descendant of the 7th
     Countess of Derby; d. in exile, 1780.
135  COL. ALEXANDER OF STROWAN: estates restored to him as male heir,
     1784, but he died unmarried, 1822, and the succession devolved upon
     No. 128.
	Numbers from 136 to 147 represent descendants (consecutive
	generations) of the KING DAVID I, second son of MALCOLM IV. Numbers
	from 148 to 160 represent descendants of SUMMERLEID, third son of
	MALCOLM IV.  the ROBERTSONs are descendants of MALCOLM's eldest
        son.  It will be noted that the descendants of the three sons have
	been intermarried.  No. 136 was a son of 104.

136  KING DAVID I of SCOTLAND: mar. Maude, only dau. of Waithe, Earle of
     Huntington, by Judith, niece of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR: d. 1153.
137  PRINCE HENRY: mar. 1127, Ada de Warrine.; d. 1152.
138  DAVID EARL OF HUNTINGTON: Knighted at Windsor, 1170; mar. 1190,
     Maud, dau. of Earl of Chester; d. abt. 1214.
139  ISOBEL: mar. ROBERT BRUCE, 4th Lord of Annandale, who d. 1245;
     d. 1261.
140  ROBERT BRUCE: 5th Lord of ANNANDALE: competitor for the crown in
     his mother's right; d. 1295.
141  ROBERT BRUCE: 6th Lord of Annandale, 1st Earl of Carrick; mar.
     Margaret, dau. of Niger Earl of Carrick; d. 1304.
142  ROBERT I: mar. Isabelle, dau. of Donald, Earl of Marr; d. 1392.
143  PRINCESS MARJORY: mar. 1315, Walter the High Steward; d. 1316.
144  ROBERT II; killed, 1412; mar. (1) Ladyu Jean Stewart; mar. (2) Lady
     Margaret Stewart.
145  JOHN LYON: hostage for James I, 1414.
146  PATRICK LYON 3RD LORD OF GLAMIS: hostage for James I, released 1427;
     d. 1427.
147  ELIZABETH LYON: married ALEXANDER ROBERTSON (No. 116, of this 
148  SUMMERLEID (son of No. 104): mar. 1140, dau. of Olaf, the Red King
     of Marwerthe Isles, grand-daughter of Harold Harfuger, KING OF
     DENMARK; killed at Renfrew, 1164.
149  REGINALD DE INSULIS: "REX INSULARUM;" d. before 1228.
151  ANGUS (MOR) DE INSULIS: d. soon after 1292.
153  ANGUS DE INSULIS: The friend of Bruce, for whom he fought at
     Bannockburn; d. early 14th century.
154  JOHN OF ISLA: Lord of the Isles; d. abt. 1386; buried at sea.
155  CARRACH (Master); 3rd son of foregoing; 1st Chief of Kippock;
     received from his father the lands of Kippoch, from Cowen Ferry
     to Loch Laggan; designated Lord of Lohaber, 1402; forfieted, 1434,
     for participation in the insurrection under Donald Rattoch.
     Following is his brother.
156  AGNUS ALLESTER MacAGNUE: Chosen Chief on deposition of his elder
157  RONALD.
158  DONALD ("Donheel Glas"): mar. dau. of Stewart Happin; beheaded
     1547 for participation in rebellion of Earl of Lennox. Bro.:
150  ALESTER MacDONALD: succeeded his brother Ronald. He assisted Sir
     James MacDonald to escape Edinburgh Castle, 1615; defeated Camerons
     of Bholine, but died of his wounds.
160  AGNUS: Married Robert Robertson (No. 121) of this Pedigree).

                      - - - - - - - - - - - - -


	An organization known as "THE CLAN DONNACHAIDH," consisting of
descendants of the foregoing ancesters, and in which American Robertsons
are eligible for membership (many of the latter are members), has 
headquarters at Glendevon, by Dollar, Perthshire, Scotland.  Mrs. Robertson
Matheson is the Honorary Clan Secretary.  There are several local chapters
of the Clan (Society) in various parts of Scotland. Struan Robertson is
the present Chief and Miss Robertson of Struan is the President. Mr. Charles
Gutherie, W.S., 1 N. Charlotte St., Edinburgh, is Honorary Secretary of the
Edinburgh District.
(Submitters NOTE: The location of this group was correct as of the year of
publication of this book'1928' but is not true today '1998')