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  1. Ancient ROBERTSON Families submitted by Angus Robinson to ROBINSON-L 31 Dec 1997/1 Jan 1998. This is an excerpt from Robertson Family Records compiled by J. Montgomery Seaver in 1928. Note: RFR is not a final printable copy but is a "work in progress". Additional segments are being added before [p124]. Editing remains to be done on all portions entered. RFR is larger than 200k and will eventually be more than 300k.

  2. Lineage of Clan Donnachaidh Chiefs, until around 1930, as included in work of Edna Robertson Vacher (c.1941) and Alma Robertson Cobb (c.1952). FWIW.

  3. Descendants of Duncan I King Of Scotland and Sibyl Fitzsiward Queen Of Scotland, found on the Kenneth Willden's site.

  4. Robertsons Descended From Robinsons. Submitted by Angus Robinson, whose preface makes it clear that the research, while from a credible researcher, has not been verified by him. According to this account, descendents of Gen. James Robertson and Col. Charles Robertson (and also, it is believed, James "Horse Shoe" Robertson and siblings) would have connections to Clan Gunn rather than to Clan Donnachaidh!

  5. Descendants of Malcolm Mcdonald, Lord Of The Isles, 13th century, including Robertsons, by Devereaux Dunlap Cannon, Jr.

  6. Scottish Clans

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