WinGRASS users have different experience and different obstacles from Linox/UNIX GRASS users

The porting of GRASS to Windows typically attracts users who are experienced in MSDOS, Windows, Windows applications, possibly experienced in programming Basic and/or Visual Basic, html coding, probably some experience with other CAD, mapping and graphical applications, but likely to be inexperienced in the use of UNIX or Linox, or in working on a "dumb" terminal on a network or on a mainframe. So they come with three handicaps: They are not likely to be familiar with Linox/UNIX commands, they are newcomers to the powerful but complex GRASS software, and they are faced with learning to operate that software in a Linox envelope on a computer that never quite forgets that it has a Windows operating system. The WinGRASS newcomer is also more likely to be faced with not having available GRASS training sessions or other experienced GRASS users to learn from.

The Purpose of the Tutorial

The tutorial is limited to but a small portion of the capabilities of GRASS, but should be of value to both those having no previous experience with GRASS, as a review and introduction of previously overlooked aspects to an experienced GRASS user, or perhaps to an experienced GRASS user with no previous experience to using it on a Windows computer.

It intends to simplify the first efforts of using WinGRASS through a series of examples and practical environmental applications for which it may be used.

The purpose of the tutorial is provide the new user of WinGRASS with some basic use of the software, which will give them to the self-confidence to proceed on their own.

The tutorial may be printed for ready reference, or it may be kept loaded in another window on the computer, allowing one to click back and forth between the browser and WinGRASS application.

Tutorial is based on the Spearfish data

The Spearfish data is commonly used in instruction in the use of GRASS. It is downloadable here or here. The imagery data is downloadable here. A listing of sample data downloads is found here. It is assumed that WinGRASS is installed on your computer and that the required sample data had also been installed. Some very explicit hand-holding for doing this is provided on the WinGRASS for the GREEN website.

Tutorial should be followed in the sequence presented

Earlier exercises are presented with much greater detail and simpler subject matter, providing the student with the experience and confidence needed in the later exercises. The gradient of difficulty levels also allows an experienced GRASS user to start at a point consistent with the level of experience. The intent is to lead the student to follow a logical path to environmental and decision-making models.

Tutorial sections

The sections of the tutorial are:

  1. Introduction and description of GRASS. A general description and overview of GRASS
  2. Practical exercises. Followed in order, allow gradual familiarization with GRASS, in order of difficulty. Some of the exercises originated in the University of Delaware syllabus FREC 682: Spatial Analysis but others were developed by the author of Tutorial GRASS 5, Alessandro Tomasi
  3. Command descriptions. Also included in exercises.
  4. Trouble-shooting. Includes FAQ.
  5. Links

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