Problems and fixes(?)

  1. 4/27/2005 4:52AM. Running 6.1 cvs, several times I had opened a display using both methods available in the Display Manager. I believe that the last time I exited WinGRASS, x0 was open, and I had typed "exit" in the Bash window since I had noted that it always showed a message that it was "closing all monitors". As I recall, it did not succeed in closing GRASS and that I had to resort to using the Windows Task Manager (Ctl-Alt-Del) to exit GRASS. The next time I started GRASS and opened x0 by clicking on the Display Manager "x0" button (not present in GRASS 6.0), GRASS would accept no further commands, and I once again had to exit GRASS by using the Windows Task Manager.

    I used the How to remove Cygwin and GRASS GIS procedure to remove GRASS and then used the How to install Cygwin and GRASS GIS using Huidae Cho site to install GRASS 6.0. I had been running 6.1 only because I had tried How to install Cygwin and GRASS GIS using WinGRASS cd and 6.1 is the only version it would currently install. My guess is that the problem was caused by improperly closing a display window by clicking on the X button, but this is merely a guess. The problem occurred *after* I had used the "x0" button (not available in 6.0) as an alternative means of opening x0, which may or may not have had anything to do with problem. My only option seemed to be a re-install, so that is what I did. I could have re-installed without downloading, since I had all the downloads available in c:\downloads\cygwin\dl_cho5, but I made a fresh download in c:\downloads\cygwin\dl_cho6.

  2. From CZ 21 Apr 2005:
    I just installed grass for Windows XP and followed the steps put forth on both your site and the Cygwin site and all the steps went well until after I installed grass60.bat Every time I run it, whether through the windows run command or from a shortcut on the desktop, the msdos screen flashes very quickly and then closes and nothing happens after that.


    • This can happen if you install GRASS 6.0 and use grass61.bat (or vice versa).
    • I suspect that this is a result one would get, if grass6x.bat were used when it was NOT in the c:\cygwin directory.
    • I have never tried to install GRASS on a pc using FAT32 instead of the required NTFS file system, but it might well show a similar problem.

  3. Problem: I inadvertently deleted /home/[username]/database/ and contents.

    This would have been a serious problem if I had anything more in ../database than the Spearfish data. This serves as reminder that when I have progressed to working with my own data, that it is very important that the data be backed up in some fashion. Since I am still kicking the tires and trying out all the buttons and making friends with WinGRASS, all I had to do was to use Windows Explorer to create directory /home/[username]/database and extract the Spearfish data to it as I had done previously. WinGRASS then came up normally.

  4. Problem: Somehow, in repeatedly exiting from the GUI and from Bash in a number of ways experimenting with them, I managed to glitch the startup so that on startup, Bash presented me with a text form instead of the graphical WinGRASS entry screen.

    Since the required entries were already in the right places, all I had to do was hit Esc-then-enter to proceed in entering WinGRASS, it was not a major problem. But it was not something I cared to live with. I received this response, but after getting several "command not found" responses (missing path?), I just bit the bullet, uninstalled and re-installed WinGRASS (not something I would relish if I had worked with my own data). Whatever, it fixed whatever was broken. I just noted that /home/[username]/.grassrc6 looks like this:

    GISDBASE: /home/John/database
    LOCATION_NAME: spearfish57
    MAPSET: user1
    GRASS_GUI: tcltk
    I cannot find a copy of it before the reinstall, but I recall that it read:
    GISDBASE: /home/John/database
    LOCATION_NAME: spearfish57
    MAPSET: user1
    GRASS_GUI: text
    When this happened a second time, weeks later, and in GRASS 6.1 rather than 6.0, still for unknown reasons, I used the text form to enter GRASS. Since everything was already filled in, I only needed to hit Esc-then-Enter and I was in GRASS (as above). This time, in the Bash window, I typed
    g.gisenv set=GRASS_GUI=tcltk
    I exited from the Display Mgr using
    File => Exit
    and from the Bash window by using
    and Enter. I then clicked on the GRASS 6.1 shortcut for grass61.bat, and once again I had the graphical entry screen for GRASS as it had been when I installed GRASS. What I accomplished was to make /home/[username]/.grassrc6 look like the the first example above rather than the second.

    See Grass variables


  5. Problem: Help only works on main GUI(display manager) screen.

    • a. From the GUI (display manager), when I click on
      Help -> GRASS Help,

      IE loads

    • b. and if from ../index.html, I then click on
      imagery commands -> i.caa
      IE loads

    • c. In the GUI (display manager), if I click on
      Image ->Transform image -> Canonical component -> Help
      IE tries to but cannot load

    • d. In the IE address box, if I replace
      ( I used slashes but back-slashes may work as well) so that the address box now reads
      it loads the requested help file which we can see is the help file we were able to load from the main GUI (display manager) screen, in b., above.

    • I found that if, the first time I did that, I copied c:/cygwin into the windows clipboard, in later use of other help files other than from the main GUI (display manager) screen, when I got the error message, I could select http:// and paste the c:/cygwin as a replacement. Clunky, but it works.

    • When in IE, and in Help -> GRASS help,
      • I also created a favorite/bookmark. This offers the menu of main GRASS module types, e.g., "Imagery", etc.
      • I also created one for
        and set the view to "list", so all the available help files are displayed on a single screen since my monitor is set for 1280x1024.


        With a few clicks on the search screen on the left puts it in the mode to search for files or text in files in the ".../html" subdirectory. An odd turn to this is that when search is used, it will pop up in your default browser which in my case is Firefox.

    • So for now, I'll clunk along using the "copy&paste" method in d.,above, and I'll keep in mind the IE full listing of help files with search

    • This has far more impact on a newbie than it does an experienced GRASS user because all the help files are keyed to use of the Bash window, and the only cross-reference for use with the GUI(display manager) are in the GUI help buttons, which may only be made to work by workarounds such as these. For this reason a newbie may find it necessary to use the Bash command line when not being able to locate a command in the GUI.

      Followup: FWIW, I have created a set of command cross-references which show both Bash and Display Mgr. menu version. These are sorted 3 ways: alphabetical by function, Bash order, Display Mgr. order. Bear in mind that these listings were done by a GRASS newcomer and may require additional editing. These listings all link to the Baylor site. They could easily be edited to access the files in your .../html/ subdir, place all 3 in that subdir, rename one of them full_index.html (after saving a copy of the original), and they could then be accessed from within GRASS. But since they can only be accessed from the main Display Mgr. screen, it makes more sense to have then accessed if needed from your browser.

    • Questions:
      • Is there something (e.g., environment variable?) that could be set so that when "http://" is called for, what will actually be used is "c:/cygwin"?

      • Since GRASS uses only the "http://" method for all screens except the main screen, could there not be a workaround so that WinGRASS would access the Baylor site for all screens? E.g., in the above example, could some variable be set so that, when not in the main Display Mgr. screen, the file
        could be accessed?


Comments or suggestions?

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