How to install Cygwin and GRASS GIS using Huidae Cho site

Caution: These procedures are those found to work by a GRASS newbie. There may be better ways.

This worked correctly the last time I tried it. 4/27/2005

How to install Cygwin and GRASS GIS.

  • WinGRASS requirements. It requires WinNT, Win2kPro, WinXP and NTFS file system.

  • Go the website of Huidae Cho.

    • Use File, Print Preview.. Click over to page 11 or 12 to find out how many pages you need to print to get the instructions through "Easy startup". Print out the pages required. They will be of great comfort to you as you go through the installation process.

    • Follow his instructions. My comments are numbered to match those in his instructions. Note that I only follow his instructions through the very beginning of step 8 (the first use of grass60.bat). Rather than create what is essentially a dummy "NewLocation", I bail out and install the Spearfish data, that used with some available tutorials.

      1. When I clicked on "Install of update", my computer opted for "Save to disk".

        Note: I save everything associated with an install in the same subdirectory (e.g., c:\downloads\cygwin\install-04). This includes the cygwin setup.exe, the downloaded files, and the version of grass.bat used (e.g., grass60.bat), and grass.ico. If the install is found not to work, I delete the entire subdirectory. If it works correctly, I have all the pieces needed to reinstall if needed. We are shooting at a moving target here, and the various components come from different sources and may be altered without your becoming aware that they have changed.

        I used Start, Run, Browse, [the above subdirectory], setup.exe, open, OK. When the install screen appeared, I did just as his instruction images suggested and clicked Next, Next (install from Internet).

      2. For step 2., I followed the suggestions made in his images and clicked
        Next (c:\cygwin, All users, Unix file type)
        Next (c:\download)
        Next (Direct connection)
        Note: If you have previously had a successful install, and have (as recommended) saved everything needed for that install in its own directory, then you would select "Install from Local directory" and would skip to Step 5, below.

      3. Step 3. (and 4.) require a bit of care. Note that after adding http:/geni/ath.cx/grass to the list, you do two things: Select http:/geni/ath.cx/grass and

      4. Step 4., hold down the Control key and also select some other download site. If one takes forever and never starts downloading, cancel out start over and pick a different one.
        Click Next.

      5. Step 5.
        • I did just as the instruction image showed and clicked on the word Database in the Database-Default line.
        • I then clicked on the word Skip where it appeared to the left of grass: Geographic ..., at which point the Skip changed to 6.0. There were two versions of GRASS available. Click "Skip" on the line for the one that says "grass: Geographic..." which at the time of this install was version 6.0. This is important because you will later be downloading the startup bat named "Grass60.bat". There is a Grass61.bat provided on website of Huidae Cho, at the very end of the set of instructions we are (mostly) following, but it seemed logical to me that a newbie would be better opting for the slightly more mature version.

      6. Step 6. I clicked Next. This can sometimes take a while. The next screen to appear was that shown in this step. I opted for icons on both the desktop (later moved elsewhere) and in the start menu as suggested. I've not found much use for these Cygwin icons (the GRASS 6.0 icon created later is the one that gets used). I clicked on Finish and a little box popped up and said "Installation Complete". I clicked OK.

      7. Step 7. Download grass60.bat and create a shortcut to it.

        Note: If you have previously had a successful install, and have (as recommended) saved everything needed for that install in its own directory, then there would be no need to download Grass60.bat or the GRASS icon. If you have not removed the shortcut from your desktop, it will still work. Skip to item "Click on the desktop GRASS shortcut", below.

        • From the instruction page,
          page down to 7., right click on "grass60.bat", click on "Save link as..", and save it to the same subdirectory where you saved everything related to this install (e.g. c:\downloads\cygwin\install-04 or whatever you named it}.

        • right click on "grass.ico" and save it to the same directory.

        • Use Start, My Computer, Local disk c:, [whatever you named your install download subdirectory], right click on grass60.bat, Send to, Desktop (makes shortcut for grass.bat on desktop).

        • Go to the desktop, right-click on grass.bat shortcut, Properties, change icon, OK, browse, [whatever you named your install downloads subdirectory], click on grass.ico. Click OK, OK. You can later drag this shortcut wherever you'd like to have it. I put mine into a folder including other GIS related shortcuts.

        • Click on the desktop GRASS shortcut. Hold your breath. After a few moments you should see a yellow on black msdos screen pop-up. After reading the advice there, click on Return/Enter. Note: sometimes, this will not work the first time, but will work if you try it again (and thereafter).

      8. Step 8. The Welcome to GRASS screen shown in the instructions should come up.

        Note: At this point, I do things differently from the instructions by Huidae Cho
        Instead of creating NewLocation as described, I exit completely out of GRASS, use Windows Explorer to create c:\cygwin\home\John[in my case]\database, and install the spearfish data in that subdirectory. This will set you up (if all goes well!) with some real data in GRASS so when it starts up you can make it do something.

        Go to How to install Spearfish to see how I did that.



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