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The following is a register report. Use your browser edit/find to search for specific names.


1.	Thomas HOAR b. ?, Ireland, m. Mary PHILLIPS, b. ?, Ireland.
	 +	2.	i	Ellen HOAR b. 1860.
	  	3.	ii	Thomas HOAR b. ?, Ireland.
	  	4.	iii	John HOAR b. ?, Ireland.
	  	5.	iv	Susan HOAR b. ?, Ireland.
	  	6.	v	Margaret HOAR b. ?, Ireland.
	  	7.	vi	Mary Anne HOAR b. ?, Ireland.
	  	8.	vii	Agnes B. HOAR b. ?, Ireland.

Second Generation

2.	Ellen HOAR b. 1860, Caherea, Darragh Lu_, Co.Claire, Ireland, m.
Michael ENGLISH, b. 1861, County Mead, Ireland, (son of Timothy ENGLISH
and Mary _____) d. 1914.  Ellen died 10 Mar 1924.
	 +	9.	i	John Francis ENGLISH b. 13 Mar 1893.
	  	10.	ii	Mary Ellen ENGLISH b. ?.
	  	11.	iii	Edward J. ENGLISH b. ?.
	  	12.	iv	Agnes Irene ENGLISH b. ?.
	  	13.	v	Cornelius M. ENGLISH b. ?.
	  	14.	vi	Joseph T. ENGLISH b. ?.

Third Generation

9.	John Francis ENGLISH b. 13 Mar 1893, Westfield(Hampden)MA, m. 17 Apr
1928, Giovanina (Jennie) Maria MELCHIORI?, b. 10 Jul 1904,
W.Springfield(Hampden)MA, (daughter of Stefano MELCHIORI? and
Giuseppina POGGI) d. 29 Mar 1987.  John died 21 Jun 1960.
	 +	15.	i	Ellyn Josephine ENGLISH.
	 +	16.	ii	William Paul ENGLISH.
	 +	17.	iii	Richard Francis ENGLISH.
	 +	18.	iv	Cynthia Jane ENGLISH.

Fourth Generation

15.	Ellyn Josephine ENGLISH m. Thomas LANGLOIS.
	  	19.	i	Christopher LANGLOIS.
	  	20.	ii	Susan LANGLOIS.

16.	William Paul ENGLISH m. divorced, Marcia DAVIS, b. ?.
	  	21.	i	Sharon ENGLISH.
	  	22.	ii	Eric Paul ENGLISH.

17.	Richard Francis ENGLISH m. Nancy VOYIK.
	  	23.	i	Theresa Ann ENGLISH m. Robert FLIEGER, b. ?.
	 +	24.	ii	John Richard ENGLISH.
	  	25.	iii	Sheila Elizabeth ENGLISH.
	  	26.	iv	Daniel William ENGLISH m. Laurie _____, b. ?.

18.	Cynthia Jane ENGLISH m. Neil COHEN, b. ?.
	  	27.	i	Jason COHEN.

Fifth Generation

24.	John Richard ENGLISH m. Lisa Faye ROBERTSON, (daughter of John
Ashley ROBERTSON and Sylvia Sue RANSOM).
	  	28.	i	Timothy Bryan ENGLISH.
	  	29.	ii	Benjamin Richard ENGLISH.
	  	30.	iii	Nicholas Alan ENGLISH.

There are about 45 names of descendants and spouses in this line, with additional detail, available by personal contact. This data was provided by Lisa Robertson English.

Please report any additions or corrections to John Robertson.

© 1996 by John Robertson; all rights reserved. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. Commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the/all author(s). If copied, this copyright notice must appear with the information.

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