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1.	Charles H. DAWKINS b. 24 Jan 1834, Rockingham(Richmond)NC, m. 15 Jun
1856, Lucinda F. _____, b. 10 Jan 1836, Tippah Co. MS, d. 29 Aug 1879. 
Charles died 3 Jun 1887.
	 +	2.	i	Charles R. DAWKINS b. 14 Jul 1861.

Second Generation

2.	Charles R. DAWKINS b. 14 Jul 1861, Tippah Co. MS, m. 4 Sep 1887,
Sarah Alice MORGAN, b. 14 Sep 1861, Chilton Co. AL, d. 1 Mar 1898. 
Charles died 3 Apr 1934.
	 +	3.	i	Robert Douglas DAWKINS Sr. b. 18 Apr 1894.

Third Generation

3.	Robert Douglas DAWKINS Sr. b. 18 Apr 1894, Memphis(Shelby)TN, m. 7
Apr 1919, Erline Ashley ROBERTSON, b. 23 Jul 1899,

Tuscaloosa(Tuscaloosa)AL, (daughter of John Thomas ROBERTSON and Amanda
(Mandy) Becky ASHLEY) d. 21 Feb 1967, Mobile(Mobile)AL, buried: Pine
Crest Cmty., Mobile(Mobile)AL.  Robert died 15 Nov 1973,
Mobile(Mobile)AL, buried: Pine Crest Cmty., Mobile(Mobile)AL.
	  	4.	i	Robert Douglas DAWKINS Jr.
	 +	5.	ii	Emagene (Jean) DAWKINS.

Fourth Generation

5.	Emagene (Jean) DAWKINS m. James Ernest DAVIDSON Sr., (son of James
Homer DAVIDSON and Lillie Myrtice MORRIS).
	 +	6.	i	Bobby Jean DAVIDSON.
	 +	7.	ii	James Ernest DAVIDSON Jr..
	  	8.	iii	John Dawkins DAVIDSON m. Jamie Regina KAYSER, (daughter of
Julian KAYSER and Mary Jene DUFFY).
	 +	9.	iv	Alice Ann DAVIDSON.

Fifth Generation

6.	Bobby Jean DAVIDSON m. Shuford Archie (Skip) TUCKER Jr., (son of
Shuford Archie TUCKER Sr. and Dorothy MELVIN).
	  	10.	i	Ashley Ann TUCKER.

7.	James Ernest DAVIDSON Jr. m. Ann Marie GRECO, (daughter of Louise
David GRECO and Helen Ann ANDERSON).
	  	11.	i	Caroline Ann DAVIDSON.
	  	12.	ii	Rebecca Jean DAVIDSON.
	  	13.	iii	Emily Helen DAVIDSON.

9.	Alice Ann DAVIDSON m. John Hanson ESKRIDGE Sr., (son of Marshall
	  	14.	i	Sarah Alyce ESKRIDGE.
	  	15.	ii	John Hanson ESKRIDGE Jr.

There are currently some 35 names of descendants and spouses in this line, with some additional detail, available by personal contact. This information was provided by Jean Dawkins Davidson

Please report any additions or corrections to John Robertson.

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