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1.	Moses CRAIG b. ?, m. Isabella _____, b. ?.  Soldier of the
Revolutionary War (NC).  His will is dated March 12, 1796 and was
probated in January 1802 in Mecklinburg NC.  Matthew Thomaston has a
	  	2.	i	Alexander CRAIG b. ?.
	  	3.	ii	Jane CRAIG b. ?, m. _____ HARGETT, b. ?.
	  	4.	iii	Hannah CRAIG b. ?.
	  	5.	iv	Elizabeth CRAIG b. ?, m. _____ HOLLAND, b. ?.
	  	6.	v	John CRAIG b. ?.
	  	7.	vi	Moses CRAIG b. ?.
	  	8.	vii	Nancy CRAIG b. ?.

	  	9.	viii	Isabella CRAIG b. ?, m. Isaac FINCHER, b. 16 Mar 1783, NC,

(son of James FINCHER) d. 4 Jul 1837.
       Isaac: More information on Isaac may be found in the Troup Co. GA
	 +	10.	ix	Mary CRAIG b. ?.
	  	11.	x	Fenton CRAIG b. ?.

Second Generation

10.	Mary CRAIG b. ?, m. 1810, James N. FINCHER, b. 1790,
Mecklinburg,Salisbury District,NC, (son of James FINCHER).
	James: Information on this family contributed by  Mrs. Howard White,
Arley AL 35541 and Earl Evans, Rt.4, Box 994, Alabaster AL, descendents
of Moses Craig Fincher and wife Sarah.

	About 1817, James and Sarah moved to Jasper Co. GA.  In 1820 the were
living in the new Walton Co. GA.  Census for 1820 shows: Male 26-44,
female 26-44, female 10.  In the 1821 Land Lottery, a James N. Fincher
of Barnes District of Jasper Co. GA drew Lot 161(section 16 of Houston
Co. GA 202-1/2 acres) which was registered July 22, 1824.  He also drew
Lot 162 (Section 13 of Dooly Co. GA, another 202-1/2 acres) which he
never took up, reverted to the government and was granted to J.F.
Barnes on October 14, 1836.  In 1825, James was living on Lot 161
(District 16) on 202-1/2 acres of Little Potato Creek in new Upson Co.
GA (Capt. Harrell's District).

	By 1844 (or 1845), he and Mary had sold their land in Upson Co. GA and
moved to Tallapoosa Co. AL with their daughter Louisa and her husband
William F. Dean.
	  	12.	i	Louisa Celey FINCHER b. 1811, NC, m. 3 Jul 1827, in Upson Co.
GA, William F. DEAN, b. 1807, Edgefield District SC, (son of Samuel L.
DEAN and Millie (Milkey) DUNCAN) d. 21 Jun 1883, Tallapoosa Co. AL,
buried: Flint Hill Meth Ch. Cmty,Alex.City AL.  Louisa died 1878,
Alexander City(Tallapoosa)AL.  Middle name given as both Celey and
Celia.  She was born between 1810 and 1820 (one source says 1811 while
another says 1814) and died between 1870 and 1880. Birthplace is given
as both NC and SC.  Matt Thomaston recommends the book "Finchers in the
USA 1683-1900" by Evelyn Davis Fincher and Ann Wilson (1981) as a good
reference on the Fincher family as well as "The Bennett Family History"
by Mary E. Bennett Durand and Edward Dana Durand (Washington, D.C.,
1941).  Believed to be buried in unmarked grave at Flint Hill Methodist
Church cemetary.
William: Great-grandfather of "Dizzy" Dean, famous pitcher for the St.
Louis Cardinals baseball team.

        Born between 1800 and 1810 in SC according to the 1830 and 1840
census of Upson Co. GA.

        Marriage License index for Upson Co. GA lists his marriage to
Louisa Fincher in Book A, page 16.  Married by Alex. Cadenhead, J.P. -
J.C. Dean.

        The 1830 census of Upson Co. GA, p.99, shows: William F. Dean, b.
1807-1810; female 1810-1815 (Louisa Celey Fincher, b. 1814 SC); male
1825-1830 (son Samuel, b.1828)

        In the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 he drew two lots as head of
household - Lots 287 (160 acres, 10th district, section 2) and 77 (160
acres, 25th district, section 3).  In the 1832 Gold Land Lottery later
that year he was allowed two draws (indicating military service) and
drew two 40 acre lots.  As he was too young for the War of 1812 his
military service might have been in the militia against the Indians.

        On 1-1-1835 William F. Dean bought land from William C. Morgan of
Chambers Co. AL (Book C, p 352) for $200.  202-1/2 acres in Lot 188,
Dist. 10.  On 12-16-1844 William F. Dean sold to John T. Snipes for
$400 Lot 188, now District 16, 202-1/2 acres Upson Co. GA (formerly
Houston Co.) just before going to Alabama.

        The 1840 census of Upson Co. GA shows him living next door to James
N. Fincher (and wife Mary), his in-laws, near the Flint River and gives
the following information: William F. Dean, m. 30-40 (1810 SC); female,
20-30 (1814 SC Louisa Celey); male 10-15 (1825-1830 GA) Samuel L. 1828;
male 5-10 (1830-1835 GA) Henry B. (12-7-1829); male -5 GA (1835-1840
GA) William J. (12-13-1838); female -10 (1830-1840 GA) Frances Gwenna,
1832; female -5 (1835-1840 GA) Talitha Jane, 1836.

        Between 1844 and 1847 (possibly 1845) he and his family moved to
Tallapoosa Co. AL (and is recorded in the 1850 census there).  It is
said that at the the time he homesteaded at Flint Hill (near Alexander
City AL) he had to tear down abandoned Indian huts to make space for

        On 11-5-1849 William F. Dean recorded 40.22 acres in Tallapoosa Co.
AL in Sect. 13, Tnsp. 22, Range 21 east of the St. Stephens Meridian of
lands ceded in the Creek Treaty of 1832.  This is just east of Hwy 63,
below Youngsville (now Alexander City) and near lands owned by Matthew
& Elizabeth W. Thomaston, Isham Peeples, Henry McCaslin and later James
H. Black.

        The 1850 census (p.98, Tnsp.20) gives the following:  William F.
Dean, male age 40, b. SC; Louisa, female age 36, b. SC; Samuel L., male
age 19, b. GA; Telitha J., female age 14, b. GA; William J., male age
11, b. GA; Thomas J., male age 10, b. GA; George L., male age 6, b. GA;
Charles M., male age 3, b. AL; Louisa, female age 1, b. AL.  Note that
Gwenna did not marry until 9-11-1853 but was not listed in the above.

        The 1860 census of Tallapoosa Co. AL, P 400, B9, L1388, Youngville
District (Alexander City):  William F. Dean, male age 51, b. SC, farmer
$1500 RE and $700 PE; Celey L, female age 46, b. SC; George L., male
age 14, b. GA; Charles L., male age 12, b. AL; Celey L., female age 10,
b. AL; Sarah A., female age 6, b. AL; Joseph, male age 3, b. AL.

        The 1870 census of Tallapoosa Co. AL, P 15, Youngville (Alexander
City): William Dean, male age 62, farmer, b. SC, $2500 RE and $400 PE;
Louisa, female age 56, b. SC; Charles, male age 22, b. AL; Lou; female
age 16, b. AL; Sarah, female age 16, b. AL; Bourbon (Reuben), male age
15 (or 13), b. AL; James, male age 10, b. AL (James Henry).  May have
had two other children - Mary Allen Dean and Annie Dean.

        The 1880 census of Alabama, page 273:  William Dean, age 65, b. AL,
farmer, F&M Ga.; Martha, age 60, b. GA (b.1810 - a second wife);
Louisa, age 28, b. AL (should be 31?); Mollie, age 18, b. AL (a
grandchild?).  This census information may have been supplied by
someone other than William Dean (by Martha?).

        In 1883, Charles M. Dean was granted Letters of Administration for
William F. Dean, his father.  The request names 10 heirs.  (Thomas,
Joseph and James died without children).

        A 12-20-1897 decree was issued to sell the land from his estate. 
The land was sold on 12-20-1897 to Charles M. Dean for distribution and
described as Sect. 15 T22 R21 (Note his original grants).

        The final settlement decree of 3-1-1900 shows heirs as:  Samuel L.
Dean; Henry B. Dean's heirs: Susan A. Ballard, Reuben R. Dean, Mary
Ballard, Thomas Dean, James H. Dean (Henry H. Dean of his second wife
not named);   F.G. Daren's heirs: H.E. Brazier, Bertie Russell, Mary
Shaw, R.I. Shaw (note: Frances married William A. Daren); Talitha Jane
McClelland - J.P., S.R., S.F., G.W., W.J., M.S., J.M., G.B., M.E.,
A.C., J.H.; W.J. Dean's heir: James I.(Isaac) Dean; George I. Dean;
Charles M. Dean; C.L. Dean (Thomaston); Heathann Elizabeth Dean
Clements (d. 1870, heir: son Hethy); S.A. Dean (Wood).
	  	13.	ii	James M. FINCHER b. 1824, Jasper(Pickens)GA, m. 17 Jan 1854,
in Tallapoosa Co. AL, Elizabeth J. COFFMAN, b. ?.
	  	14.	iii	Moses Craig FINCHER b. 10 Mar 1826, prob. Upson Co. GA, m.
10 Nov 1857, in Tallapoosa Co. AL, Sarah A. COFFMAN, b. Oct 1836, Troup
Co. GA, d. 1914, Winston Co. AL, buried: Arley(Winston)AL.  Moses died
11 Jan 1886, Winston Co. AL, buried: Arley(Winston)AL.
        Sarah: !UPDATE: Apr 1996 !COMPILER: Harold R. Coffman; Earl Evans;
Coffman, page 293; Earl & Nadine Evans, Alabaster, Alabama; Mrs. Howard
White, Arley, Alabama; FINCHERS IN THE USA 1683 - 1900 by Evelyn D.

This is currently all the data I have on the Craig family. Most of the above data is from the privately published "A Dean Family History", June 1995, compiled by R.M. Thomason, J.C. Dean, J. Pittman, V. Tuttle, S. Adamson et al. Other contributor: Harold R. Coffman, SYCR90A . Please report any additions or corrections to John Robertson.

© 1996 by John Robertson; all rights reserved. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. Commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the/all author(s). If copied, this copyright notice must appear with the information.

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