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All I really want to know are ALL the names of ALL the descendants of ALL the ancestors of ALL my grandchildren!

The wider I go the deeper I get. ..... The more I give the more I receive.

As best I can I get the names of the most recent newborns thereby delaying obsolescence of my work.

This is what is known or believed to be known of the histories of these families collected for the purpose of learning what was unknown. The best sources have been sought and known errors have been corrected (an ongoing process). Unproven and sometimes questionable data (e.g. that of Edna Robertson Vacher) have been included in a few places if the only data available and has been useful in locating cousins with better data. The sources (to me) of all data is available and varies from "hard" evidence to "handed-down".

Works for me.

k. i. s. s.
I try to keep it

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