Fighting Back Against Spammers!

  1. If you post to mailing lists, or if your email address is available in webpage "mailto:'s", sooner or later your email will be picked up and become subject to receiving spam, often numerous and objectionable in nature. I refuse to allow these scumball spammers to control how I use the Internet. This is the approach I have adopted:

  2. If you have access to your own domain name (or several) as I do, it is fairly easy to create another email address, either as a mailbox or as a forwarding address. Some other places you can get additional email addresses:

  3. Whenever the spam level reaches the annoying level (despite all the other things I am doing to reduce it), I change my public email address. It was stunning the first time I did this. My spam dropped to nothing immediately and reduced my incoming email by over 90%! The first time I did this it took a full work day to change it all the places it had to be changed. The last time I did it it took two hours. I believe that I can get it down to an hour with some re-organizing:

  4. Some places you can register your old and new email addresses. I have registered at ones marked *. FreshAddress is my current preference. I liked the interface because it seemed relatively simple to add multiple old addresses and to periodically update your current address (what I intend to do). But the others likely will work fine, also.

  5. I discovered that I was getting flooded with spam because I was inviting it. . The welcome mat has been pulled inside!

  6. I have a lot of webpages and they used to have a lot of "mailto's" all over the place, which I am now removing.

  7. Some ways you can manage spam before it gets to your mailbox: My current preference is MailWasher, because I prefer a more hands-on approach to screening my email.

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John Robertson

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