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  1. Southern Campaign ~ Rev War.
  2. BattleofCamden.org, the worksite for the project which has an objective that there will be an historical park at the site of the Battle Near Camden SC, 16 August 1780.
  3. For mer backup site for BattleofCamden.org.
  4. Battle Site Map, Rev. War
  5. A Study Of The Several Lineages Proposed For Gen. Daniel Morgan
  6. Locating the Actual Site of the Boston Tea Party. Boston area historians declare its location lost forever! Learn where it happened and how we can know.
  7. Battles at Kings Mountain & Cowpens sad Update needed.
  8. Scotia-Hibernia-Books The works and books of Dr. Bobby G. Moss of Blacksburg SC. Updated September 2003.
  9. Approximate boundaries of Old Tryon Co. NC The only such on the Internet. Has two custom maps.
  10. Cowpens National Battlefield NPS site, Done as a park volunteer, now maintained by others.
  11. Global Gazetteer of the Revolutionary War


    Note: all the following are copyrighted

  12. Paper Woman, by Suzanne Williams. Awaiting publication.
  13. Come to the Cow Pens, by Christine Swager. Hub City, 2002
  14. Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution, March 2005, ed. Charles Baxley. Page 9.

    These are but 3 of the 60+ pages of maps created for publication since 2001.


  15. WinGRASS for the GREEN. Detailed how-to install WinGRASS 6.0 GIS and Spearfish data on 32-bit Windows with NTFS file system.
  16. WinGRASS 6.0 Tutorial, an adaptation of an existing GRASS tutorial (as I learn it) from the perspective of the Windows 2K/XP user.


  17. Robertson Families of the World sad. Update in progress.
  18. Historical County Lines Still the best site on the Internet showing where county line "use to be", using maps available on the Internet. Old link.  Backup site.
  19. "Roll Your Own" Genealogy Atlas Practical tips on finding and printing maps that fit your own personal genealogy. sad Update needed.
  20. My personal homepage featuring genealogy of my grandchildren. Over 8000 names in genealogy listings in less than 1 megabyte. sad Update needed.
  21. Robertson Central A jumping off point for my numerous pages relating to Robertson genealogy. sad Update needed.
  22. Robertson Archives Many links to transcribed source documents relating to Robertson genealogy. Updated October 2003.
  23. How to Search Rootsweb Archives This is the page Rootsweb refers you to! sad Update needed.
  24. The ROB-name Search Page Numerous ways to search lists and groups for Robertson and similar/related surnames. Most searches can be used with other names also. sad Update needed.
  25. Maps page from the Elmore Co. AL USGenWeb page including a large custom map of places, cemeteries and historical locations. Also here
  26. Simple custom map used to identify proximity of homes of ancestors and their relatives. sad Update needed.
  27. Gen. James Robertson of TN: History & Genealogy. Updated 8/28/2005 12:17PM.
  28. Nick's Kin
  29. < b>Descendants of William Ashley


  30. Antispam measures
  31. Favicons
  32. Will the real Scotch Irish please stand up?
  33. k.i.s.s. How to make webpages that load fast. How I do 'em. sad Update needed.
  34. A Study of the Creek Indians A Study of the Creek Indians from antiquity to Oklahoma. A lot of emphasis on graphics and appearance. Updated October 2003.

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